Vietnamese Yogurt-Vinamilk

VinaMilk Three Growing up in Switzerland, the land of good milk, yogurts and cheeses, yogurt was always a part of my diet. I just love yogurts and I believe we in Switzerland have some of the best in the world. It surprised me however to find some of the best tasting yogurts in Asia, not particularly know for its diary industry. Here in Vietnam, Vinamilk is producing some fantastic plain and lightly sweetened yogurts I started to love and consume a mass.VinaMilk Two The texture is almost like a jellified Panna Cotta feel; very light and lightly sweetened. One can buy those yogurts almost on every corner, every Pop & Mom store at least stocks some variety of these yogurts, as they are very cheap in price.VinaMilk One I like my yogurt with seasonal fruits but my favorite must be with Mangoes or even Passion Fruit pulp. Vinamilk
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