Vietnamese Seafood Adventure-Long Son

Long Son 7 Vietnam has a long coastline, stretching from the Mekong Delta way up to the border of China in Hai Ninh. No wonder there is an abundance of seafood pulled each day and night to shore. In addition there are fish farms and oyster farms dotted all over the south to meet the local demand of fresh seafood. One such place is on the Ong Beng river in Long Son, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, a 45-minute drive from Vung Tau. Long Son 4

 Butter Oyster with scallion

I joined a couple of Vietnamese friends one afternoon for a late seafood lunch on the Ong Beng River, where some fish and oyster farms were located. The floating restaurant, “Duc Nho” was apparently the best in the region for its fresh seafood and relaxing atmosphere. Arriving with our bikes at the small fishing village, a boat got us over the river to the restaurant were we sat down on cushioned floors and low tables dressed in table cloth. Long Son 10

Vietnamese family at lunch

Right away beer glasses were placed on the tables even before we sat down. The beer of course arrived warm like usual in Vietnam; one drinks beer with junks of ice! The whole process in ordering the food was informal, as long one speaks Vietnamese. First to arrive was a mix seafood rice, bright yellow in color and fragrant. It seems this was the first course in our journey, followed by the fist size oysters with scallion and butter. Long Son 6

 Sweet Prawns

Next served were prawns, so sweet and fresh, balanced only with pepper-salt with limejuice. I am not a big fan of peeling prawns but luckily others did this job, so I was left to enjoy without actually having to peel them. Long Son 8


The final dish was a Frog Fish called “Babh Mao”, grilled and sweet in flesh, served with lots of greens and herbs. Since this fish grows to about 3-4 kilogram; be prepared to pay VND 200K for each Kg. Long Son 3

 Serving station-informal

Long Son 5

 Damage is done!

The whole place is very popular for Vietnamese families and be prepared to find entire tribes spending a whole day eating there. At times it can be noisy, especially when the men get drunk, the kids running around and the wife’s engage in loud conversations! Its informal, its lively, its relaxing at the same time and when all is eaten; just hang in a hammock and let the breeze from the river get you to sleep for a couple of hours. Long Son 2  

Informal Dining?!

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