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Noodle 4 I am a big fan of noodles and pasta and I understand others do share the same passion here in Asia and elsewhere in the world, especially in Italy. I started to love noodles while living in Tokyo with its wide variety of Ramen, Soba and Udon noodles. There, most restaurants prepare their own noodles with great pride and customer flock to such special places who serve a special dish or noodle. I could never understand why someone would travel 30 minutes or more to get a special Udon dish served when you just can go around the corner and get a quick fix. Well, while living in Japan and Thailand that is exactly what I was doing; I knew where to get the best cold Soba in Kyoto, the best Udon in Shinjuku, Tokyo and the best Ramen in Bangkok. 1965 Pasta Machine

Famous Pasta Machine Anno 1965

Noodle Shop Owner

Owner Mr. Thanh

Noodle shop

Here in Vietnam, in particular in Vung Tau I was introduced to a place where the owner family is preparing their own noodles from scratch with great pride. People come from all over to this small restaurant, which opens only until 11am and re-opens at 5pm until 10pm. I would never have found this place on my own; it does look like every other shop from the outside. Again, its not the restaurant it self which makes the culinary difference, it is how the noodles are prepared and that is exactly what Mr. Thanh and his family is doing.

My Tuoi Sinh Doi

Early morning, well before his first customer are coming, he prepares the dough with a Japanese Wheat Flour, fresh eggs and a little oil. He then works the pasta dough on an old Pasta machine from the year 1965 and cuts it to fine strands of fresh angel pasta. This process is done on a precise regiment and surely; it shows in the bowl. The noodles are blanched for a very short time, therefore are still having a bite and crunch and served with fried onion and garlic in a bowl. Noodle 7 There are chicken, pork or beef versions and combinations of those ingredients. With the bowl of noodles one gets a bowl of hot steaming broth of mushroom, vegetables. Mr. Thanh is very particular how his customers enjoy his dishes and is very helpful to explain how it’s done the right way. However I noticed that locals had their own preference by blending the broth with the noodles and condiments. Noodle 2 Not often I came across such a great tasting dish and simple as it may sound; its all in its preparation of the noodles. Sure, the accompanied broth is of equal quality but people come for the noodles and so I. Breakfast and dinner that is, for 35’000 VN Dong a surely inexpensive meal. Condiment My Tuoi Sinh Doi Noodle House, So 6 Ly Tu Trong, Vung Tau, Vietnam, Open Daily from 6am – 11am & 5pm – 10pm
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