SchweineKraft-Pork Pate

PorkPate1 Not many people outside of Dubai know the fact that Pork is available to buy in selected supermarkets and even served in restaurants. After all we are in a Muslim country, pork is about “Haram” as you can get in Islamic believe. Ironically most pork products are imported from either Egypt or even Kenya. To prepare a Pate, a Pork Pate with bacon does not take up much of time, a few steps however are crucial in preparing the right mixture. First all ingredients require to be at room temperature, pork, eggs and the cream especially otherwise the mixture will split. PorkPate2 PorkPate3


Ingretients:   550 gram Pork meat minced coarse 130 gram Pork sausage mixture 160 gram Bacon, unsmoked 100 gram Onion, white, chopped 3 pieces Garlic, chopped 100 gram Wine, white 110 gram Butter 130 gram Cream, 35% 100 gram Eggs 120 gram Milk 100 gram Bread, white, stale Pepper, Sea Salt, Green Peppercorns, Rosemary twigs   Method:   Soak the chopped bread in warm milk, Line a terrine mould with bacon. Sauté onion and garlic in melted butter and add the wine. Combine the pork mince and sausage filling with onion and soaked bread; add the eggs and cream and mix until smooth. Season with salt, black pepper and peppercorn. Fill into terrine mould and cover with bacon and rosemary. Drizzle olive oil and salt. Bake in water bath for 45 minutes at 165 Celsius PorkPate4
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2 Responses to SchweineKraft-Pork Pate

  1. Alessandra says:

    Fancy that: I am a vegetarian myself, but I appreciate people who love food, regardless…also I love your pics.
    If you don’t mind I will put your link on my blog.


  2. Marc Cibrowius says:

    Pork Pate, Jefallahe……

    as a Chef of German Nature ofcourse the
    water is assemble in my mouth,
    just send the terrine per DHL to Hangzhou in China.
    The fat part of the terrine should preserved enough the tasty bomb.

    So Chris, Iam just waiting for the post car….


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