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WestKnifeWorks1 When I was contacted by NewWestKnifeWorks to review their latest Phoenix Petty Knife in Cocobolo I was truly flattered and since I am a sucker for knifes, especially high-end Japanese knifes I immediately replied and agreed to test-drive their latest baby. Boy was I up for a surprise when I finally received the parcel from the States; peeling off multi layers of wrapping I had finally had one amazing and beautiful knife in my hand of such delicate workman ship, I hesitated using it and contemplated to put it straight into my knife collection like others do with a stamp collection or Beer bottle labels. Then I reminded myself again of the purpose having a knife of such craftsmanship; use it and enjoy it! Pulling the knife out of its cover I noticed a small red paper: Caution, Extremely Sharp! Good that I read that first because while studying the blade, following the 33 layers curves I almost forgot how sharp such Japanese blades can be. Seki City in Japan is the capital of knife and sword workmanship and is famous for its quality steel. Holding the Phoenix Petty knife I found it is well balanced and its wooden handle forms a good grip for hours of working. It is not too heavy or too light; just the right weight. Being a Pastry Chef by trade I will use it any day for delicate work like dessert preparation, fruit cutting and chocolate work. WestKnifeWorks2 WestKnifeWorks3 NewWestKnifeWorks Phoenix Petty Knife Cocobolo
New West KnifeWorks
PO Box 1669
2180 Coyote Loop
Wilson, WY 83014, USA
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