Pisces-the Cookbook launch!


Chef Leslie, Chef Thim, Chef Markus on the pass


Goat Cheese Escabeche & Tuna Carpaccio with Lobster

I believe it is every chefs dream to have his/hers own cookbook, is it now to educate, showing off or for ego purpose. It is much of work not only to bring ideas onto a plate but then on a film plane and printed in form of a cookbook. It is almost impossible to have different ideas agreed upon and this accounts for 8 top chefs; each having his/her own style and signature. However working together in a large organisation already, things where conditioned for success! Under the guidance of Resort Executive Chef Leslie Stronach and Pisces Chef Willibald Reinbacher all ideas, visions and interpretation of modern food came together in the new Pisces Cookbook launched on June 2009. pisces5

Strawberry Carpaccio with Consomme Bubbles

The launch happened at Pisces,  where invited guests sampled smaller portions of the dishes pictured in the Cookbook. Most of the images where printed on huge canvas frames displayed in the restaurant, almost like in a art gallery. Behind in the kitchen was a hectic atmosphere but lots of fun, sending the dishes out with a speed almost never seen. pisces3

Poached Halibut & Lobster Sweetcorn Bisque

Desserts where kept in small portionsin tune with dishes served before; Apple Lasagna, Apple Split, Chocolate Cone mousse, Banana Pudding, Vanilla Strawberry Panna Cotta, Pineapple Trifle, Raspberry Mille Feuille and more.


Langoustine and White Bean Panna Cotta


The Crew @ workz

The book it self was long in the making since every dish had to be cooked and presented several times over and over again just to be perfect. Photography was done by, Dubai based photographer, Nigel Brand. All food images were shot at Pisces using natural daylight. 


Ocean dining with stylish simplicity

  Panoramic views of the ocean, a fresh sea breeze and a mouthwatering menu of pacific shellfish and Mediterranean selections – Pisces is an upscale seafood restaurant offering ocean dining at its finest, complemented of course by a wine selection from our preferred vineyards. . More to this post in SugarHead Unplugged .
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  1. werner says:

    please let me know how to make the Strawberry Carpaccio with Consomme Bubbles ???
    looks cool

    Werner the force from boracay !!

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