Sri Lankan National Dish-Vattalapam


Vattalapam with Mango and Passion fruit

Years and years back I was traveling the beautiful island of Sri Lankawith a dear friend of mine and returned a couple of times thereafter. While living with a guest family in Mt. Levinia near Colombo, I was always amazed of the cuisine of Sri Lanka and its diversity. One dish I remembered vividly; “Vattalapam”, coconut custard with lots of spices and a crust made of delicious cashew nuts. Years later while working in Sydney, Australia I made this dish again since my assistant, Lakshman Pereira was from Sri Lanka and I had a dinner for the Lankan Embassy. This dish became so popular we kept it on our banquet menu. One of my Pastry Chefs here in Dubai is from Sri Lanka and he brought me from his last trip home real “Jaggery”, Palm sugar which is an important ingredient for “Vattalapam”. vattalapam2 Ingredients: 500 gram Coconut milk 100 gram Water 220 gram Jaggery (Palmsugar) 200 gram Eggs 120 gram Cashew nuts 010 gram Cardamom 010 gram Mace 005 gram Clove Method: Crumble the Palmsugar into small pieces and dissolve in boiling water. Add the coconut milk and bring to simmer. Add the spiced in a mortar and grind fine. Combine the spices with the eggs and whisk creamy. Add the hot coconut milk and whisk. Strain the mixture. Butter four ramquin dishes and place the cashew nuts on the bottom. Pour the custard into the ramquin and set into a water bath. Place in oven for 25-30 minutes at 180 Celsius. During the baking the cashew nuts will raise to the top. After baking take the ramquin out from the water and set aside to cool. When cold remove from the ramquin and arrange on dessert plate with fresh mango and passion fruit pulp. More to this post in SugarHead Unplugged.

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3 Responses to Sri Lankan National Dish-Vattalapam

  1. werner says:

    Nice one I remember that dessert made it myself a few times very simple but good.
    Greetings from rainy Boracay

  2. chrisbliss says:

    Thanks Werner; if you prepare a simple dessert it can be all too tricky since the ingredients need to be the best.

  3. billy@ATFT says:

    Wow! Just come across your blog, and I am loving it! Great photos and recipes…. will definitely come back from often. 🙂 Love to see a blog from Abu Dhabi gives the food scene a whole new dimension that I am not familiar of.

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