Mandarin-Laeckerli Pudding

Mandarin-Laeckerli Pudding

Christmas is over and if you are like me and having Christmas cookies, Stollen, Gingerbread and Yulelog left over and sick of all that to be eaten, create a dessert for your friends and family who will for sure come around these days! Having bags of Swiss Basler Laeckerli leftover from the celebration days before, I created a dessert with ingredients not always used. Mini Mandarin and Mandarin zest Olive oil. Makes 4 Portion

240 gram Basler Laeckerli

200 gram Milk, full fat

100 gram Cream, 35%

1 Egg yolk

1 Egg

40 gram Mandarin Olive Oil

4 pcs. Mandarin

Preparation Soak half the amount of  Laeckerli in cold milk for one hour. Combine the cream with the egg and yolk and drain the milk of the Laeckerli into the mixture. Scoop the soaked Laeckerli into your dishes and arrange the other half on top. Pour the liquid mixture over the Laeckerli. Brush with some Mandarin Olive Oil before backing in water bad for 20 minutes at 160 Celsius. When firm to the touch, serve with some Mandarin segements, Mandarin Olive Oil and dust with icing sugar.
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3 Responses to Mandarin-Laeckerli Pudding

  1. i love these two photos. brilliant. im actually gonna go eat a mandarin now 🙂

  2. David Yan says:

    Dear, chef
    Hello, the first time to see your blog. very good photos and information. I am from China and work in a hotel.

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