Virginie Duroc Danner-Chocolatier

I was shown the other day a box, a Pink! box of chocolates from France. Well, pink is not really my color but by reading the top of the brochure I noticed that these chocolates are sold in Japan too, that explains the entire color scheme of the packaging. Kawai! By opening the well structured box I found an array of colored pralines of different shapes and sizes, most made with printed transfer sheets and some hand painted. Virginie Durac Danner, Artist Chocolatier from Paris has four locations in the world where she sells her chocolate, Moscow, New York, Tokyo and of course Paris. The pralines them self come in a variety of flavors, mainly made of milk chocolate, flavors being from Almond, Banana, Passion fruit, Cassis, Fleur de Sel, Mint and more. 16 avenue des Chateaupieds 92500 Rueil Malmaison Telephone 01 41 96 84 15 Fax 01 41 96 22 61
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6 Responses to Virginie Duroc Danner-Chocolatier

  1. Maias says:

    o my god…………………… I WANT ONE GIMME A CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ssry…. I’m 12 yrs old and love chocolate and baking…………………….. ssry

  2. faith says:

    i do like all sorts of chocolates. On the contrary, i hate anything that comes in chocolate flavour. just love chocolates!

  3. chrisbliss says:

    Faith, I am not sure about your comment; I understand you just love chocolate and not flavored one? Is that the right assumption?

  4. Peko Peko says:

    Wow, those are some super funky colored chocolates! The ones in Japan just keep getting more and more colorful (I guess most are from Europe). I often hesitate to buy them because they look to colorful to be good for you!

    Nice photos! Is that just daylight?


  5. faith says:

    it ain’t the right assumption chris! i just love chocolates(all chocolates). Anything in choco flavour like cake, ice-cream and whatever,., i won’t take.Got it now?

  6. faith says:

    just chocolates! period.

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