Figs & Cream Pot

There are plenty of fresh figs on the shelf, some are still green and most are just right to eat right then and there! I could not withstand the look of plump fresh figs, I had to buy some for home. For a long time I wanted to use my recipe of Pot au creme but was not able to find the right dish or was it a lack of motivation perhaps? Those figs in my shopping basket gave me a new drive to search for a suitable container and I found it at ZARA. Going back to the supermarket I brought the ingredients and luckily I had some vanilla pods at home in my freezer.
Makes four dishes: 350 gram Fresh Cream 35% 50 gram Milk, full fat 65 gram Sugar, granulated 90 gram Egg Yolk 1 pod Vanilla, split in half Method: Simmer the milk and cream with the vanilla in a sauce pan. Scrape the seeds of the vanilla into the liquid and remove the pods. Combine the sugar with egg yolk and pour the hot liquid into the egg-sugar mixture. Strain into baking dishes. Fill a roast pan with some water and place the pots into the water bath. Poach in oven at 165 Celsius for 20 minutes. Set aside to cool completely before use. Quarter the fresh figs and toss in vanilla and coffee infused syrup, serve on cream pots with a sprinkle of icing sugar.
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9 Responses to Figs & Cream Pot

  1. so simple and yet so lovely!

  2. shalimar says:

    chef may I download this recipe?

  3. Farhan says:

    Hi Chris,

    Would you recommend storing vanilla beans in the freezer? I keep mine in the cupboard. SHould I freeze them so they’ll last longer?

  4. Marc Erwin says:

    As usual great Photos Chris,
    Iam waiting for your first Dessert & Bakery Cook Book around the world,
    by your photos should be a Best Seller.



  5. chrisbliss says:

    Dear Farhan,

    I usually have at least a bunch of 200 gram Vanilla beans in my freezer, packed in a ziplock. This way it will keep fresh forever, or almost if I am not using it up too fast!

  6. chrisbliss says:

    Dear Marc,

    Let’s do a book together once you are back in Dubai to work!

    Hau ‘rein mein Koch Loeffel!

  7. chrisbliss says:

    Dear Shalimar,

    All recipes are posted to be used! User friendly Blog??

    Salamat Po

  8. Marc Erwin says:

    What means here your cooking spoon,
    please more respect for age
    and experience, December I will came over and we can discuss by some cool
    drinks, how we will fill out the book,
    may be L.the weapon can give some advise…….



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