Always on the lookout for new products relating to pastry I was given a sample of crystallized flowers, natural flowers from France. I was a bit skeptic at beginning when I was approached for the interest, I was surely impressed when I received the samples! Knowing how difficult it is to handle fresh flowers, crystallize them and retain the original shape and color, these samples awakened my interest.
A show-stopper from a world champion pastry chef Michel Willaume, the pastry chef, has established his own consultancy in Barcelona, providing training for colleges and leading restaurants and creating specialties for luxury boutiques. The native of Nantes, who began his career at the Dalloyau in Paris, returned to his home town to take up the position of chef at Jamin. In 1992, he became head of a team of pastry chefs at a 5 star hotel in Barcelona. As a particularly exacting pastry chef who is interested in innovative techniques and original styles, he spent eight years in the United States, under the colors of which he won his first world championship in 2001. He then spent time in Japan before returning to Barcelona. A meeting with Alexandre Nau provided him with the opportunity to discover a product that is “Exceptional, in terms of appearance as well as texture and taste. Of course, crystallized violets have been around for a long time, but Florinnov has its own special surprises – the process respects the appearance and flavor of the flower, which lingers on the palate. Confectionery provides the finishing touch – a flower on a gateau is something you will always remember. We devote ourselves to this decoration as we would to the composition of a painting – it is art. This summer, I decided to use this product for 50% of my creations and all the professionals who have attended demonstrations have been captivated by it. Food lovers are also seeking a genuine return to nature. Cooks are using flowers and pastry chefs too are able to express themselves. These flowers open the way for countless possible combinations, particularly in terms of colors. We also hope that these whole flowers can be broken down into petals for use in pastry compositions or ice-creams. Florinnov has created violets, roses and jasmine with a powerful aroma – all outstanding products. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of its forthcoming cacao flower.”
Florinnov SA Zone industrielle Plaisance Route de Montmoreau F – 16300 Barbezieux St Hilaire
Tel : + 33 (0) 545 785 505 Fax : + 33 (0) 545 982 294 Mail : info@florinnov.fr www.florinnov.fr
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2 Responses to Flor&Flor

  1. Liza says:

    wow! chef, this is cool! 🙂

  2. werner says:

    thx chris !
    nice one i will order that i like the cookies with that flowers inside !



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